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Education and Pedagogy

We are experts in helping teachers learn how to use technology effectively in the teaching and learning process. From the broad overview to the detailed instructions, we cover it all.

Recent workshops:

Digital Respect - Bigger Than You Think
We examine questions such as

  • How do we pressure designers to make devices less disposable and more upgradable?
  • How do we show respect for the miners who deliver the raw materials for our devices?
  • What conditions do the factory workers work in?
  • How much do we let media and corporations decide how long it is before they have to replace our devices?
  • How much energy does a Google, Bing or Yahoo search really take?
  • What is the carbon footprint of a search?
  • How do we ensure that our devices get recycled properly when the time comes?

Our students are incredibly concerned, caring, capable people and they will be the ones to lead campaigns that show respect within their online communities and out to the world beyond. We need to be aware and make them aware.

Using Social Media as a PLN
Social media can be extremely effective as part of your professional learning netork. We take a look at Tiwtter, Facebook, Instagram, Diigo, Pinterest and more to see how you can take PD advantage of them.

Let the Quiet Ones be Heard
In this session we look at a number of ways that allow students to have their 'voices' heard in ways that best suit their style.

Great Apps and Web Sites for Demonstrating Learning
In this session we’ll take a look at a number of easy to use web sites and apps that allow students to demonstrate their learning in ways that best suit their style. The apps and sites are easy enough to use that CONTENT becomes the main focus.

Engaging Students in Large Lecture Situations
An overview of ways to have students particpate in a large lecture type class.

Essays vs. Digital Creations
An examination of the process of creating essays and videos, what the differences are and new assessments ideas.

Creating a Classroom Website with a Purpose
Create a simple classroom website to enhance communication with parents and students and administrators.

Ed Tech Promise
Three good uses of technology in education

Technology and Pedagogy
Some philosophical perspectives and some practical advice. Moving from facts to knowledge to wisdom?


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